Be cautious with tint shops that carry several different lines of film.  Also, fly by night mobile companies, some of which are truly shady.  You'll pay for a certain type of film but are given a lower end brand.  Unfortunately this is rampant in our industry.  Perfect example is the offering of metalized and ceramic films at low end prices. 

Make sure the company you deal with is an authorized dealer of the brand you had chosen.  If you are leery, call the manufacturer or distributor of the film and ask about the company and its reputation or history.  Check manufacturer websites. 

Take a peak into their work area.  Ask to see the roll of film and its box before installation.  The roll and its box should have matching I. D. numbers printed on it.  The roll should have a sticker with the I. D. number within its tube on one of its ends.

Upon payment you'll get a receipt but get your warranty card along with roll numbers listed on it to insure your film purchase.

We pride ourselves in our workmanship and honesty.  Our goal is that you get what you paid for, get protected and never ripped off!