Oracle Halo Auto Lights

Dodge Challenger SRT8
Dodge Challenger SRT8
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white houseOracle Halos are the best Angel/Demon Eye Kits produced for any vehicle thus far! This kit utilizes Cathode technology which, unlike the other LED and Fiber Optic Kits, can be seen vividly....even in Direct Sunlight! The fit and quality is up to OEM standards. These rings are rated at 50,000 hours of continuous use. That's more than twice the life span of the competition...these halos should outlive your car! Do not mistake this product for some "Do it yourself!" LED knock off of Demon Eye Kit, this is High Quality Product produced by the leaders of the industry!

What is the process of installing halos?

  • Headlights are carefully disassembled and housings are separated from the assembly.
  • Any custom work, painting, tinting, decals, etc., are applied at this point.
  • Rings are professionally installed to have the greatest visibility.
  • Assemblies are then reassembled in a dust-free environment.
  • Lights are wired up for "plug and play" installation (most vehicles).

The overall result is a Custom and Original set of lights that maintain their OEM quality.


Q: Who can install the Demon Eyes?
A: Any person having some technical experience a basic understanding of electrical circuits can install the Demon Eyes. We offer professional installation and preinstalled headlights.

Q: Will installing the Demon Eyes void my vehicle's warranty?
A: Most dealerships will regard the Demon Eyes kit in the same manner as a fog-light kit. Since these Halos have a completely separate wiring harness, the electrical system on the vehicle is unaffected.

Q: Will I have to do any additional wiring?
A: Our Halo kits are shipped with "Plug and Play" connectors so you can plug the inverter directly into the parking light and turn on and off from the factory headlight switch. Our installers will make the usage of your new Halo's easy!

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Q: What are the rings made from?
A:These Demon Eyes use CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lighting) core technology. CCFL is a phosphor coated glass tube filled with mercury gas. CCFL produces a very bright white light with a slight hint of blue or cyan. The look is very "high tech" and matches HID equipped lights exceedingly well. Additionally, this technology provides for very bright output from the halo rings so they're visible day or night.

Q: How long will these really last?
A: The ORACLE Halos are the highest quality halos on the market! They have guaranteed lifetime of at least 50,000 hours of continuous use! That is twice the average life of ANY other kit on the market.

Q: What are "Demon Eyes"?
A: Demon Eyes are an Attractive and Legal alternative to the ugly OEM Daytime Running Lights our vehicles come with. Developed originally by BMW, the "halos" surround the outside edge of the reflectors in your headlight housings. When your car is on the rings will light up just like your normal DRLs would. You can choose to deactivate the DRLs (that bulb will still be used as your high beam) or use the DRLs in conjunction with your Demon Eyes.


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