Smoked Auto Lights


Why film?

Installing film over your lights versus spraying/painting them has its advantages. Tail Light Film will hold up for years and can be removed at any time, without damage to the light or having to replace them.


  • Stops hazing and cracking on expensive tail lights.
  • Reduces appearance of existing cracks and scratches.
  • Available in three different shades.
  • Maintenance free & car wash safe
  • Can be removed without any damage to lights
  • Thick, strong, flexible film can be applied to compound & convex surfaces.

Tinted taillights covers are made from thick, strong, flexible film (PVC film) coupled with a strong optically clear adhesive and are applied on top of taillights, reflectors, side markers and third brake lights. Designed to protect lights and provide styling. Once applied they are maintenance free.

Smoke out any vehicles tail lights, fog lights, headlights & signal lights with our smoke light protection films. We carry 3 different shades of tint designed specifically for covering plastic and glass lights found on cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Installation takes around 2 hours; so make sure and call ahead to schedule an appointment, or stop by the shop sometime and we can show you some more pictures and samples.

dark smoked film


  • Smoked 35% for that dark & stealth style.
  • Will reduce light output by 35%
  • Made from 17 Mil plastic



  • Lighter Smoke allows for more light to come through.
  • Will reduce light output by 20%
  • Made from 17 Mil plastic



  • STEEL Smoke Film is a mixture of blue and medium smoke.
  • Will reduce light output by 15%
  • Made from 17 Mil plastic
  • Removable

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